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Machine Spare's


Toe lasting Machine Spare's :

The machine is equipped with an automatic cementing system. When do lasting, the insole and upper do not need manually cemented in advance, which save much labor. Moreover, the shoe will never lose cement after lasting, and make sure perfect shoes shape. With the design of special tracked toe bands, the all-around multipoint pressing ensure the upper to be evenly attached to last. Without wrinkle and get good quality. The toe pad pressing is adjusted by a 2-step cylinder pressure system, which will create a perfect effect both during lasting process and final pressing

Welt Sewing Machine Spare's :

High speed, accurate welt sewing machine; this machine sews the welt to the lasted upper and insole rib with a chainstitch. Operation is easy and fast. Both awl and needle penetrate the work from the welt side. Thread tension is easily adjusted and maintained by a simple adjustment. A tight seam is ensured because the thread tension is built up evenly as the stitch is set, pulling the thread down tight to the welt at low and high speed. Both needle and awl are automatically withdrawn when the machine stops.
welt sewing machine

Welt Manufacturing Cutters

Welt Manufacturing Cutters Spare's :

It is suitable to cut welt of natural leather, leatheroid, cloth and so on. Adopt mechanical interlock and automatic feeding with high efficiency, high accuracy and using less time. Adjust the width freely, the material is flatness, well-regulated and without distortion. Adjust the thickness freely, cut multilayer for one time. Easy operation, agile using and convenient adjustment.

Herringbone gear Spare's :

A herringbone gear is a special type of gear which is a side to side combination of two helical gears of opposite hands. From the top the helical grooves of this gear looks like letter V. Unlike helical gears they do not produce an additional axial load. the Herringbone gears can be used in torque gearboxes without requiring a substantial thrust bearing.
Herringbone gears

Toe lasting Machine spare's:


MP Tube Cleaning Nozzles (1/16"NPT):

Male threaded nozzle typically used with rigid lances for cleaning tubes from 1/2 - 3/4 in. (13 - 19 mm). 1/16"NPT Male. Working pressure up to 15,000 psi (1000 bar). Available in seven standard jet patterns and custom patterns.

Cam Followers :

We produce roller cam followers in sizes from 1/2'' to 10'' and can also produce metric dimensions if the volumes are sufficient. Our cam followers are available with or without spindles and offer you the best seals in the Business.
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cerim toe band

Cerim Toe Band :

Backed by in depth industry knowledge, we are one of the reputed manufacturers of quality range of Cerim Toe Bands. These are used on Toe Lasting machines and are offered in various sizes and shapes as per client's requirements. Manufactured using high quality basic materials, these are appreciated for its customised shape and long service life.

M & B Pincers :

We offer our clients a high quality range of M & B Pincers, which are designed using high grade carbon steel. Our pincers come with gripping edges that are duly hardened and tempered for extended product life.
M&B Pincers